Eagles and Ospreys

The mouth of the Snohomish River

Osprey Central

About this time every year dozens of ospreys begin to arrive in the Northwest from their winter digs down in Panama and South America. Fortunately for me one of the prime nesting locating is just a short 8 mile bicycle ride from my house.

At the north end of the city of Everett is the Snohomish River delta. Industrial barges, cement plants, massive topsoil companies, RR tracks, and a wonderful natural nesting area for some awesome birds.

Waiting for a mile long freight train

A favorite eagle perch

Once I cleared the train I pedaled across a muddy little trail and hit the short paved walking path the traces Union Slough. I think this path was supposed to connect with some other trail but never did. Parts of the path are becoming overgrown and forgotten. Good for Me, and the Birds.

Speaking of birds, I only saw one osprey…still a little early I guess. But I was able to stand in one place and see 6 eagles at the same time…until two more eagles joined the party. “American Bald Eagles, party of 8, your table is ready”.

eagle on a power pole

Eagle Power

A Kodak Moment

Eagle Soaring

I noodled along the path down to the end and then turned around and noodle pedaled back. (Noodle, noodling, or noodle pedaling is a bike racing term that basically means…riding like a retired guy).

I did see an interesting sight along the way… This flounder was smack dab in the middle of the trail.

Fish Out of Water

As I rode up, a mob of crows were arguing over the rightful ownership of the tasty morsel. My guess is that is was dropped by a bird of prey (most likely an osprey) when it was mobbed by eagles or crows. I spent the necessary amount of time poking around and photographing this little beauty.

Fish Out of Eyeballs

A Murder of Crows

Well that about covers it for this trip. A beautiful day for a ride and a 10 knot head wind all the way home.


Crossing the Snohomish River

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