The Beach Boys (and Girls)

How about a little fun at the beach.

About Jeff Katzer

Welcome friends. I'm a cyclist, hiker, motorbike rider, kayaker, photographer, videographer, ukulele player, snowshoer, XC skier, and BEST of all - a grandpa. Somewhere in that list above you'll find the theme of the Adventure Journal.
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3 Responses to The Beach Boys (and Girls)

  1. Leane says:

    This could be my favorite movie yet!!!! Nice work, thanks for coming out. You guys ROCK!!!!!! Xoxo

  2. Jeff Katzer says:

    Glad you liked it. I (we) enjoyed it so much we have already watched it 10 times…Make that 11, cause I’m gonna watch it again right NOW!

  3. Logan Katzer says:

    That was great, can’t believe I just to be that kid running around with Jeff. Couldn’t have picked better little dudes to take my place. Miss you guys.

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