Mt. Baker Moto

After several days of hauling concrete blocks and bricks around the back yard, I felt it was time for a little moto adventure.  A quick glance to the north from the back porch had my eyes feasting on the snow-capped summit of Mt. Baker.  That was it then…a perfect destination for a perfectly sunny day.

Whitehorse Mountain from Hwy. 9

Susan and I rolled out about 0920 hours, and in a few minutes we were northbound on Highway 9.  Although the temperature was forecast to hit the 80’s by afternoon, the 63 degree morning felt pretty chilly.  Susan had a chance to try out the new heated vest.  Her assessment:  “It was hum, ok”.  Actually she said she was warmer but it was not the “sweaty, sweaty, hot, hot” she was expecting.

No worries, soon the weather was plenty warm.  We cork-screwed our way up Hwy. 542 to the end of the road.  Austin Pass at 4741 feet was as far as we could go this year.  Due to the very late (or almost non-existant) summer the DOT did not get around to plowing the snow off the road to Artist Point.

Have a look at a few images from the top:

Heather Meadows with Mt. Shuksan in the distance

Suzie and Kat

Table Mt. and Ptarmigan Ridge

Bagley Lakes from the Ranger Station

Table Mt.

Watch Your Step...

FJR and Mt. Shuksan

Well finally it was time to head down the mountain and get some lunch.  Susan decided that we should re-visit the Blue Mountain Grill.  We stopped there a couple of years ago on a similar trip and we liked the food, and the VIEW!

The "Sisters" from our table in the Blue Mountain Grill

That’s about it.  We rolled in around 1600 with about 240 miles of saddle time.  Hope you like the photos.  Kat


About Jeff Katzer

Welcome friends. I'm a cyclist, hiker, motorbike rider, kayaker, photographer, videographer, ukulele player, snowshoer, XC skier, and BEST of all - a grandpa. Somewhere in that list above you'll find the theme of the Adventure Journal.
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