North Cascades MotoRaid Movie

Here is a little movie of our latest ride.

Enjoy, Kat

About Jeff Katzer

Welcome friends. I'm a cyclist, hiker, motorbike rider, kayaker, photographer, videographer, ukulele player, snowshoer, XC skier, and BEST of all - a grandpa. Somewhere in that list above you'll find the theme of the Adventure Journal.
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2 Responses to North Cascades MotoRaid Movie

  1. R Allen says:

    Two years ago in the fall, four of us from this side of the state went on a North Cascades ride. Our route took us over Hwy 20, as well. Our weather check called for bare roads and nice weather when we did our pre-trip check that morning but had become significantly worse by the time we reached the pass. When our road surface deteriorated into two narrow tracks in the snow we turned around and spent the night in Winthrop before heading home through Okanogan, Hwy 155, Cache Creek Rd (Nespelem), then Hwy 21 and the Keller-Wilbur Ferry. Stay on your bike or use your center stand on that ferry ride! It’s a fun, beautiful route – I’ll share pics with you.

    • Jeff Katzer says:

      Thanks Ryan, I love to see the pictures from your ride. I’m a photo “junkie”. Dude, I’d love to see pictures of your cat, or your wheelbarrow, or your cat in a wheelbarrow…you greg the idea. I’ve been out on the moto a bunch but so far this year, nothing epic. You’ll start seeing some motorbike videos and stories here pretty soon.

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