Bob Heirman

Reflecting Pond

Reflecting Pond

A couple of days so I read a story on the Everett Herald’s local news web page describing a proposed walking trail, aimed specifically at birders, around the City of Snohomish sewer treatment ponds.  Birds and sewer ponds!  Sign me up!

I convinced Susan to take a little exploratory walk with me and I think she was pleasantly surprised (maybe even relieved) to find it was a wonderful walk along a dike separating the Snohomish River and the fenced in ponds.  The ponds were layered in ducks.  There must have been 100 scaups, dozens of buffleheads, and loads of goldeneyes.

At the turn around point we stopped to glass up at a few bald eagles, one of which was sitting in a nest.  The birds white head contrasted nicely against the blue sky.



We had a couple of old duffers wander up to us and strike up a conversation about the eagles, the increased beaver signs in the flooded marshes, the success of the salmon restoration, and a general living history lesson of the whole river valley. I instantly liked these guys.  It was like we’d been sitting on the porch with these fellas spinning yarns for the last ten years.

Bob Heirman & Susan

Bob Heirman & Susan

At one point one of the gents asked me, “Have you ever been to the Bob Heirman wildlife refuge”.  “Are you kidding, it’s just a couple of miles down the road from my house.  I go there all the time”, I say.

The old timer points at his partner and says, “That’s Bob Heirman”.

Shut the front door!  Are you kidding me?  This guy is a household name in the area and has been involved with the Snohomish Sportsman Club for 50 years.

We chatted for a bit more and then eventually, sadly, they had to be on their way.  Mr. Heirman and I traded cards and we headed our separate ways.  Susan and I continued our walk just managed to beat the approaching rain storm back to our car.

Here is a little video:

Thanks for watching.  Kat

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3 Responses to Bob Heirman

  1. Mark Horner says:

    Really enjoyed this story and the video, too. What a thrill it must have been to have a chance encounter with Bob Heirman. Nice gentleman. Very cool that he paused and shared, too.

    Suddenly feeling compelled to visit the sewer treatment ponds (words heretofore unspoken and written by me).

    Thanks for posting and keep up the terrific storytelling!

    ( In case it interests you, I recently shot some video at the Bob Heirman Wildlife Area: )

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