Bayview Spring Campout

Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay

We’re just back from a little overnighter at Bayview State Park, up on Padilla Bay.  The weather was fabulous for spring in the Pacific Northwest… Check that – Super Fabulous!

Travis and Teresa got a new tent so they were excited to test it out.  As the enormous structure started to take shape… A shadow was cast across the land 🙂

Sorry I didn’t get any photos of their new tent, butI thought I would share a few photos from our weekend.

Windy day on the water

Windy day on the water

This very spot, 6 hours later, would be about two miles of mudflats.  That makes Padilla Bay an especially productive birding area.  Migratory birds stop here to feed and rest on their journeys to and from northern breeding areas.

Windsurfers were flying too

Windsurfers were flying too

The fresh 18-20 knot winds brought out a few windsurfers.

Giant S"mores

Giant S”mores

But the real joy was just an abundance of time, clowning around camp.  Teresa came up with the “recipe and ingredients” for these giant s’mores.  Toasted marshmallows stuffed into an ice-cream sugar cone, topped by Hershey’s chocolate bars.

I am still recovering from the sugar raging through my blood stream… but man they were yummy.

Travis broke out his giant bubble maker and quickly had zeppelin sized bubbles flying all over camp.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?  Big tent, big s’mores, big bubbles = BIG FUN!

Suzie "air sculpting" Travis' bubbles

Suzie “air sculpting” Travis’ bubbles

Booker and Travis reading at the fire

Booker and Travis reading at the fire

Of course no evening would be complete without a sunset over the bay photo…

Sunset on Padilla Bay

Sunset on Padilla Bay

Remington (Remy) enjoying some bacon and eggs

Remington (Remy) enjoying some bacon and eggs

The next morning after a few seconds of deliberation it was decided that the group would forego my offer to make pancakes for everybody and we would all go out to breakfast.  Susan piled into TnT’s car for the 4-5 mile trip to the restaurant, and I blasted down there on my Rockhopper.

Early morning on the Padilla Bay trail, with miles of mudflats brought out the shorebirds.  I paused a few times to watch the ariel ballet of 200 small sandpipers (maybe dunlin) dancing across the clear blue morning sky, swooshing back and forth, like a white and brown paintbrush.

A lazy morning allowed for Travis and Remy to take a little combat nap while Booker, Teresa, and Suzie went down to the beach to look for crabs.  I found myself flopped out in my camp chair, with my feet propped up on the picnic table, playing some ukulele.

Booker walking point on the wildlife refuge trail

Booker walking point on the wildlife refuge trail

Our day was capped off by a hike through the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Reserve and a visit to the interruptive center.

Teresa & Travis (aka TnT) and Suzie

Teresa & Travis (aka TnT) and Suzie

"Dude, did you see the size of that thing"?

“Dude, did you see the size of that thing”?

So if you go, don’t miss a visit to the Breazeale Interpretive Center.  There are a number of very interesting, and very kid friendly, displays to educate, entertain, and maybe even inspire us all.

That’s it for now.  Kat

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  1. Bruce Bosman says:

    It looks like you guys had fun. What great weather.

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