The Tonga Ridge Trail

BNSF RR Bridge

BNSF RR Bridge

…and we’re off.  Another day and another motorbike adventure on the new Yamaha WR250R.  The route for the day was to follow the Tonga Ridge trail all the way to the end, at the border of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area.

Once again I made a quick stop at the ranger station (Skykomish) to do some map recon and get the latest update on the road conditions.  They were slightly more confused about my “parking pass collage” than the rangers at the Verlot Station.  Eventually they decided that the photocopied pass was good-to-go, but wanted to give me a motorcycle sticker as well… Wonderful, we love stickers.  I’ll slap it up on the garage wall.

Tonga Ridge

Tonga Ridge

I was no stranger to these trails, we’d been hiking here for 40-plus years.  But I’d never been all the way to the end of the Tonga Ridge road.  My travels always had me diverting to the Tonga Ridge trailhead, so there was some new ground to explore.

Memorial to a hiker?

Memorial to a hiker?

I’m not sure who GRW is (or was) but I’m sure he or she is resting in peace with this beautiful view to enjoy for eternity.

No surprise, I made a little movie of the ride:

All totaled I put about 40-50 off road miles on today, and I’m loving everything about the WR250R.  The suspension is phenomenal and the whole bike just screams “go faster” at you.  I wonder if the AARP has a “hooligan motorbike coalition” …



One last wildflower photo to close out the show.  Thanks for following along with my Adventure Journal.  Kat

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3 Responses to The Tonga Ridge Trail

  1. Tim B says:

    You’re totally making me jealous with your WR250R reports.

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