The Story Discs

My Birthday Campout

My Birthday Campout

A few days ago my beautiful wife Susan said something about going camping on my birthday with the Dudes… I didn’t hear most of the conversation because immediately after I heard camping and Dudes, I ran down and jumped in the van and got buckled up to go.  Yeah, I wanted to go camping!

We linked up at a cold and foggy Flowing Lake Park, and we were not too surprised to see we had the whole campground to ourselves.  One of the things I was most excited about was to introduce the Dudes to our new little imagination game called “Story Discs”.  I knew they would be a big hit because Booker and I had already played several rounds of the story telling game, and they were all punctuated by squealing laughter 🙂

Vine Maple

Vine Maple

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me tell you about story discs.  First thing needed was a tree branch about 1-1/2 inches thick.  I found a storm downed vine maple on my New Years Day hike and hacked off a 3 foot chunk with my Mora bushcraft knife.

Once I got it home I used my chop saw to slice the branch into 1/2 inch wood wafers.  Fresh and very green, the slices needed to dry for a couple weeks before I could sand them or start to decorate them.  The discs started drying in front of our fireplace, but we quickly found that the radiant heat in our bedroom floor was a much more efficient wood processing kiln.

The wood kiln

The wood kiln

Once the discs were dry I spread them out and got busy drawing – names, symbols, signs, animals, Pokemon, boats, trains, bicycle, motorbikes, and just about every other thing I could think of on them.

The Story Discs

The Story Discs

The game is pretty simple, you just grab a handful of discs out of a bag (maybe 6 or so) and then tell what ever story you want using your discs as the theme.  Here is a link to a WordPress blog where I first learned of the story discs.

Story time with the Dudes

Story time with the Dudes

Sample Story... Ready Go!

Sample Story… Ready Go!

Well I’m delighted to report that Cade and Kingston loved the discs.  It was just marvelous to hear their little imaginative brains working overtime to come up with a series of events that would describe the randomly chosen discs.

Tall tales being told here...

Tall tales being told here…

Of course when it was Richie, or me telling the stories – epic battles, weird random facts, dog & cats sleeping together, and defying the laws of gravity were par for the course.

Cadence liked the game so well he gave me a whole list of new discs he wanted to make for future editions.  Stay tuned for the rest of that story.  I’m sure it will include a hike out in the woods to select the perfect branch, some power tools, and lots of artsy crafty designs.

After a cold night we hiked down to the lake and then rolled out for a big breakfast.

Winter morning rock throwing session with grandma Suzie

Winter morning rock throwing session with grandma Suzie

Night Ops

Night Ops

Well that’s about it for this trip.  Thanks to everybody for making my birthday “week” so much fun.  I’m not sure what could be better then being woken up on your birthday by a great horned owl hooting and a whole bunch of little Dudes thrashing around in their bunk.



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2 Responses to The Story Discs

  1. MrsBoardwell says:

    Wowzers, that’s an awesome storytelling idea! I never had grandparents but it’s great to see how you’re making so many well treasured memories for your little dudes; I wish that was something I could have taken away from my childhood [but it’s okay. we can’t all have everything in life and I’m going straight off to therapy once I’ve finished writing this ;)].Imagine the stories they’re going to be able to share with their kids when they’re a little older and how awesome you’re gonna sound when they talk about you ♥
    PS: cool van shots, too!
    Greetings from across the pond,
    Babs B’n crew

    • Jeff Katzer says:

      Thanks for the kind words. It’s always a delight to see your comments from across the pond. I always make a point to share them with my crew. See you soon on the ineterwebs.

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