Lower Crab Creek

Sunrise At Potholes St. Park

Sunrise At Potholes St. Park

Susan and I escaped the rainy, wet side of the Cascades and popped over to the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge (near Othello, WA) for an overnight camping trip.  Every year around St. Paddy’s day I try to spend a few days in the general area just to hear and see 1000’s of sandhill cranes.  This year the skies over the Columbia Plateau were layered with cranes as we rolled across the Frenchman Hills.

Empty Campground

Empty Campground

We setup for the night in the almost vacant Potholes State Park, and took a little walk along the reservoir.

Morning arrived with a few clouds, but our hopeful anticipation of a sunny day could not be crushed by a cloudy morning.

Drumheller Channeled Scablands

Drumheller Channeled Scablands

Our first mission was to explore some of the hundreds of lakes in the Drumheller Channeled Scablands, searching out the best locations for a summer kayaking trip with all our little grandsons.  With the addition of a new sit-on-top double kayak to the fleet, some summer fun under the scorching sun will be on the Adventure Journal to-do list.

Lyle Lake

Lyle Lake

Standing on the edge of Lyle Lake we could hear coyotes yipping everywhere, and pheasants, cranes, meadowlarks, red-winged blackbirds , and dozens of other birds filled the air with their spring chorus.

The very primitive nature of the place beckons one to come out and spend the night, if for no other reason then to star gaze without the annoying all night lighting that seems to be present at most developed campgrounds.

With the recon complete we were on our way to the Lower Crab Creek Trail for a hike.  Of course I did a little history research before the hike and I won’t drill you with too many details here, but, did you know that to many folks Lower Crab Creek, at 163 miles, is considered to be the longest creek in North America.  If you would like to read all about the Missoula Floods and the abandoned Chicago/St. Paul/Milwaukee RR trail click the Wiki Link.

Here is a little video from our hike:

Not Bonneville, UT

Not Bonneville, UT

In the photo at the right you’ll see a teaser image for our new movie “World’s Fastest VW Eurovan”.

The blue sky and sunshine were with us for the entire hike, but the clouds, lashing rain, and screaming winds were waiting for us just a few miles to the west.  As was a Dairy Queen in Ellensburg 🙂

Lower Crab Creek Road

Lower Crab Creek Road

This was rush hour.  The whole time were were there, maybe 3 hours, we never heard or saw another vehicle.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for following along with us.


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4 Responses to Lower Crab Creek

  1. A most pleasant respite. I enjoyed this one.

    “Worlds fastest VW Eurovan” !! Nice…I had no idea that next of the woods had Bonniville-like terrain.. Kinda cool!

  2. Timmer says:

    You’ve written and photographed another wonderful adventure. I rode my D/S motorcycle along Lower Crab Creek Road a few years ago. It’s a different ride than WA26! Your WR would really like that area.

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