Building The Laminated Canoe Paddles

The Lumber Yard

The Lumber Yard

Hiding in this log are several 1 inch x 1/4 inch cedar strips just waiting to be crafted into a laminated bent shaft paddle.  All I needed to do was cut em out, glue em up, and slap on some varnish.  Nothing to it, really.

The Blue Clamp Collection

The Blue Clamp Collection

Ok, there may have been a few more details that needed sorting out.

So I made a little movie of the project in case you want to follow along.

Let me share a few photos with you and I’ll drop the video in at the bottom.





The Dude's paddle

The Dude’s paddle

I was building two paddles at the same time.  A bent shaft big dude sized paddle and a straight shaft dude sized one.

some of the parts and pieces

some of the parts and pieces

After the blades were glued up I started to craft the handles.

The handles

The handles

There was way more “art” than “science” to this project.  I’d cut, plane, or shave for a bit.  Put it in my hand and pretend to paddle along, then cut, plane, or shave off some more.

The finished handles

The finished handles

Finished paddles

Finished paddles

I guess the paddles are finished… But I really won’t know until we get a chance to try them out in the canoe.  Ah, yes the canoe.  The restoration of the 40 year old fiberglass canoe is progressing as well.  Stay tuned for an update on that in the future.

A note of thanks to my brother-in-law, Jimmy Stone.  He was a wealth of information on all things “boat” and supplied the fiberglass cloth for the paddle blades.



Here is the video:


Cut, plane, shave, sand, sand, sand

Cut, plane, shave, sand, sand, sand

Thanks to Boz Scaggs and the late Duane Allman for playing the background music on the video, one of my all time favorites, the 1969 classic “Loan Me A Dime”.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for following along.







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4 Responses to Building The Laminated Canoe Paddles

  1. KAT, That is art for sure, and usable!

  2. John says:

    This is simply awesome

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