Motorbike Camping

Mt. Pilchuck

Mt. Pilchuck

Looking up into the Cascade mountains from my back porch the night before I left for a motorbike camping trip, it still looked a little “wintery” up there… But the next couple of days promised to be sunny and warmer, so I was heading off on an S24O.

One of my goals for 2015 is to go camping at least once a month.  So far, we’re right on track.  Even if it is just a Sub -24 hour- Overnight, or S24O, it’s nice to just get outside and enjoy the night sky away from the city lights.

Turlo Camp - in the dark

Turlo Camp – in the dark



Spending the night by a crackling campfire is a great way to keep the rest of the world in perspective.

Another aspect for this trip was to do a gear check for a much longer motorbike camping trip I’m taking later this summer with my pal Dan.  We’re going to continue our Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, north from Cashmere WA (where we were turned away by forest fires last year) to the Canadian border.

But more about that in a later episode of the Adventure Journal.

Here is a little movie I made of my trip:

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

That’s it for now.  Thanks for following along.


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Welcome friends. I'm a cyclist, hiker, motorbike rider, kayaker, photographer, videographer, ukulele player, snowshoer, XC skier, and BEST of all - a grandpa. Somewhere in that list above you'll find the theme of the Adventure Journal.
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8 Responses to Motorbike Camping

  1. Timmer says:

    Nice camping video. I love that area and will be planning to ride up there before the month is out.

  2. Timmer says:

    Nice camping video! We should plan for a dual WR camp out some time.

  3. westerner54 says:

    Love your videos. You always choose great music!

  4. Another enjoyable video, great job again! What video editor do you use to dub in voice, music, and live sounds?

    • Jeff Katzer says:

      Thanks Jack. I use iMovie to edit. The voice over is recorded in iMovie with a USB mic. The music is also royalty free from iMovie and the “live sounds” are just done on scene with the various videos cameras. Hope that answers your questions. Really, you could just do a lot of this on a simple smart phone. Take care pal.

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