Booker and Remy’s Beds

Way back last December my daughter-in-law, Teresa, sent me a photo of a kids twin bed from some place like Pottery Barn, and asked, “Can you make two of these for Booker and Remy”?


The Catalog Image

The Blueprint Photo

The Blueprint Photo









Of course I said yes after nothing more than a casual glance.  Then I studied the photo for a while and kind of “built it in my head”.  Next I came up with a materials list and a rough estimate of the cost.

Teresa said she would buy the materials and added, “if you have to buy any special tools, add that into the cost”.  What a sweetheart!  I instantly thought of a dozen things that I “needed”.  (Just kidding).

I was definitely gonna need a proper jig saw… for years I’d been getting by with a $10.00 Harbor Freight piece of junk, that pretty much cut where ever it felt like drifting.  It was impossible to control, and those curved headboards were going to demand some precision.

I came up with a rough estimate of the cost for two beds, including a jig saw, and it was still far less that the price of the store bought ones.  Which come to find out were no longer available, even if one did want to buy them.

Hauling home the material

Hauling home the material

So fast forward 6 months and as soon as Teresa sent me a text saying she had the money for the beds, Susan and I headed for the lumber store.  I got the exact measurements for the twin mattresses Teresa had selected as a starting point, but other than that all the dimensions and approximate measurements for the beds came from me just making calculated guesses based on the photo.

The new jig saw

The new jig saw

Gluing up the legs

Gluing up the legs








Remarkably, everything just kind of fell into place perfectly.  Not to say there wasn’t a few “Goldilocks” moments requiring multiple trips to the store… “These bolts are too long… These bolts are too short… These bolts are just right”.



Initially the plan was to apply some wooden veneer edge banding along the “unfinished” edge of the birch plywood headboards.  But the combination of really nice plywood and a super smooth cut from the new jig saw left me re-thinking that plan.  I fixed the one small flaw in the edge with a mixture of wood glue and sawdust and then sanded the headboards smooth.  The edges were just too nice to cover up with veneer.

Staining and varnish

Staining and varnish

So after some dark walnut stain and several coats of varnish it looked like the beds were ready.

The finished bed... waiting for a mattress

The finished bed… waiting for a mattress

We had a little bit of a puzzle figuring out how to transport the beds in one trip, but we managed thanks to our kayak racks.

The image to the left is Booker’s bed, just waiting for a mattress.


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7 Responses to Booker and Remy’s Beds

  1. Timmer says:


    Another really nice project.


  2. John says:

    I think you’ve convinced me to get a jigsaw. Awesome work.

  3. Kevin says:

    JK, very nice job!- they turned out beautiful. love that birch grain. -KK

  4. Norma Jean Niemiec says:


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