I Love Snow

I got a new GoPro camera and couldn’t wait to make a little movie with some of my favorite actors.

Thanks for watching, Kat

About Jeff Katzer

Welcome friends. I'm a cyclist, hiker, motorbike rider, kayaker, photographer, videographer, ukulele player, snowshoer, XC skier, and BEST of all - a grandpa. Somewhere in that list above you'll find the theme of the Adventure Journal.
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2 Responses to I Love Snow

  1. John says:

    Sweet gopro! The video quality is excellent!
    slowmo shots look good too

    • Jeff Katzer says:

      Thanks John. I’m about to take a deep dive into a new editing program – DaVinci Resolve- So things are gonna get confusing for a while, but hopefully, better slowmo and smoother transitions. Cheers!

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