Beach Ready!

When you head out the door of our condo in Panama City Beach, you always go “Beach Ready”. Meaning that at the slightest provocation one can just change the daily planned adventure and head for the beach.

Suzie and I were delighted to have the Donovan crew with us for this trip to the Florida panhandle. Ever since we bought this little slice of sandy heaven we’d been telling the Dudes how cool it was. So far on this little vacation they have not been disappointed.

Enough jabbering, let’s see some pictures.

The whole crew headed out to Conservation Park
The Dudes – expressing themselves
Some of the local wildlife

Unfortunately we didn’t get a decent photo of the beautiful northern cardinals that we saw. Also on the unfortunate list was the fact that some of the trails were still flooded from the heavy rains, so our hike was cut short… No problem… back to the beach!

Cade watching the sunset from the surf
The sunsets are always interesting

We took a little road trip down the coast to Apalachicola. A cool little shrimp fishing village with some nifty shops and restaurants.

This place is a gem
Dripping in southern coastal charm
Duke made a new friend

And speaking of new friends. We went on a photo safari to introduce ourselves to every gecko in the town.

Howdy mate
Simmer down, I’m not gonna post every single gecko pic…
The Capt. T.J. ready to head out to the gulf

We were pleased to have a little sun during the day and our drive back to the beach was highlighted with a short stop in Port Saint Joe.

The Donovan crew climbed up into this lighthouse…..
…..While I went off to make a new friend.

Of course the Dudes headed straight for the beach as soon as we returned to PCB.

The next morning greeted us with biblical levels of rainfall. We temporarily suspended our hiking plans when we started seeing flooded streets en route to the trail. We settled on a little retail therapy at the very touristy Pier Park.

Strolling the shops

Soon it was back to the beach for sandwiches and saltwater. And almost every session in the gulf ends with a stupid pools tricks encore.

…on the count of 3…..
The Dudes

The next morning we awoke to a perfect panhandle day.

Brown pelican cruising the gulf

We made an early trip out to Camp Helen State Park to walk the Oak Canopy Trail. This beautiful morning stroll was just the ticket. Not too long, hot, or buggy. And just a treat for the eyes everywhere you looked.

Here’s the crew in a rare moment of cooperation with the photographer
American Beauty Berry
Eastern grey squirrel
Northern cardinal… Finally got a pic
Saw palmento

In celebration of Richie’s birthday we drove into Panama City and enjoyed a big feed at Uncle Ernie’s restaurant.

Uncle Ernies in the old Saint Andrews area of Panama City.

Just like most nights we topped off the evening watching the sunset, the dudes did their nightly pool session, and I stepped out for a little night photo op.

f/16 4″ ISO 200

A new day, a new adventure. We drove down to Saint Andrews State Park to hike around Gator Lake. And Oh YES! We saw gators…

This big boy was right next to the trail.
Just cruising along
Here’s the crew
This is a white ibis

The park had received over 9 inches of rain in 24 hours during this weeks rain storms. Several parts of the trail were well under water. And of course with all the alligators one would not be advised to go wading into the inky dark water.

So let’s wrap this story up here. We all had a marvelous time. And remember, always go “Beach Ready”.

Thanks for watching…

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Welcome friends. I'm a cyclist, hiker, motorbike rider, kayaker, photographer, videographer, ukulele player, snowshoer, XC skier, and BEST of all - a grandpa. Somewhere in that list above you'll find the theme of the Adventure Journal.
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5 Responses to Beach Ready!

  1. Janet Vickers says:

    You guys are the most gorgeous family. Everyone just glows with happiness! ❤️🌴

  2. John says:

    Man those kids do have fun with you guys eh? Such beautiful scenery in Florida Kat, I’ ve only been to Florida a couple of times but it’s like a different country in terms of wildlife and scenery. Killer shots and looks like you guys had an awesome time. Be well my friend.

  3. kevin katzer says:

    what a great trip! we are on our way down to PCB now 🙂 hope to see you on the next visit 🙂 -KK

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