Eagle Campout

A mob of eagles

We rolled out Saturday morning with Leane, Richie, and the Donovan Dudes headed up to Fir Island in search of eagles. These days my FaceBook home page is pretty much limited to just Bikes, Birds, and Ukuleles, and I had been seeing posts from my birding “friends” indicating lots of bald eagles were hanging out in the Skagit River delta area. We decided a winter camping adventure was the perfect way to take advantage of the slight break in the normally rainy weather.

Our first stop was Wiley Slough, but as we arrived we were engulfed in a massive fog bank. That didn’t stop us from hitting the trail, but it did make for some interesting photos.

Eagle #2 The count had begun.
Northern Pintails
Great Blue Heron
The fog was as thick as pea soup…
Dudes in the mist
This guy might be about eagle #10

So eventually we made our way up to Bayview State Park where we thought we would pull in (without a reservation) and camp for the night. Yikes! How in the world could the campground be FULL. It was the middle of winter and 38 degrees F. 😩

Remarkably, the grownups somehow managed to finagle our crew into the last two sites left in the park, and we settled in for the evening. 😁 πŸ‘

Cozy campfire time

The next morning we were back on the eagle watch.

This big busier flew right over camp
Chestnut-backed chickadee

There is a magical eagle watching spot along the Bayview-Edison road known to the devoted birders as East 90. Nearby is the famous “Eagle Tree”. It is not uncommon for us to see a dozen eagles at once up there.

The Eagle Tree near East 90
A juvenile bald eagle
Did you know that juvenile eagles don’t get there white head and tail feathers until they’re about 4-5 years old.

Well, we hit the eagle watching motherlode. In a flooded field just past the mouth of the Samish River we spotted a massive gathering of eagles. We joined about a dozen other eagle lovers in a small parking area to watch the show.

There were too many eagles to count
The action was non stop
Those are trumpeter swans in the background

Suzie did try to count all the eagles. She decided on 135 eagles on the ground. She couldn’t accurately count all of the eagles that were flying and sitting up in the trees.

The eagle watching crew… Eagles in the background
Cade scoping out the birds

Well that’s a wrap for this one. It is such a blessing to have a place like this, less than an hour from my home where I can enjoy this beautiful slice of wild nature… With my family.

Thanks for following along. Kat

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