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What Is Your YearBird?

So what is a YearBird?  The idea is that on New Years Day the first bird you see that day will become your YearBird.  Then as the months roll on every time you see your YearBird you get to take … Continue reading

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Short-eared Owls

This was a fun day looking for Short-eared Owls… Thanks for following along.  Kat

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Fir Island

Here is a fun little movie of the snow geese and swans up on Fir Island. Hope you liked the show.  Kat

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Birding With Booker

For those of you who are not dialed into the world of photography, or who don’t keep up with the latest technological advancements in digital cameras, it’s possible that you would not know about “Super Zoom” cameras.  I’ll admit that … Continue reading

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Meet My New Neighbors

Hope you liked the video.  Don’t miss a chance to get our and enjoy nature. Kat

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The Lumber Yard

So I tried my hand at cutting some traditional dovetails to form the corners of a wooden box.  They came out OK, but there is still a lot to learn before I get those perfected. After finishing the final sanding … Continue reading

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International Coffeeneuring – The Bonus Round

So… I’ve been having so much fun seeing all the great coffeeneuring stories and photos from around the globe that I thought I would go for another coffeeneuring adventure… A bonus round if you like. I launched from Peace Arch … Continue reading

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Big Sur VanSlam

“Well my bags are packed, I’m ready to go”…. Or so the song lyrics go. Of course I’d been packed and ready to go for days. So here is the basic idea: Suzie and I link up with Leane, Richie … Continue reading

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Trout Lake

Just 60 short miles from my back door.  That’s where I was as I stepped into the wilderness today.  A little over an hour on the motorbike, and about 1/2 mile of hiking trail had me immersed in the Alpine … Continue reading

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Riding The Hanford Reach

As the sun was rising above the Saddle Mountain foothills I was enjoying a morning chorus of red-winged blackbirds. I was headed out for a mountain bike ride along the Hanford Reach section of the Columbia River.  Of course, I … Continue reading

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