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The Dam Busters

Once again we’re headed out into the cold December waters to match wits with our old adversary… The beavers. What fun. Thanks for watching.  Kat Advertisements

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The Dam Busters

Here we go again.  We’re taking another crack at keeping the local beavers from flooding our our camp. Thanks for watching. Kat

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Trail Cam Photos

We have had quite a lot of action on our Mowich Camp trail cam these past few months. My children got this cool little stealth camera for me a couple of Father’s Days ago.  Remarkably, its still running on the … Continue reading

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Blue Lake VanSlam 2015

So we’re headed off again.  This time to the annual Sun Lakes summer bash with family and friends. Our departure day was a scorcher with eastern Washington temperatures in the 100’s and a nasty layer of smoke blanketing the normally … Continue reading

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The Wannigan

Right, What’s a wannigan?  The name comes from the Algonquian first nation people and it is a box that would hold a camp kitchen.  Traditionally they were used in canoes by the Voyageurs, but they were also used by wood cutters … Continue reading

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Part II of the Frontiersman Canoe Restoration

So one of the key elements to finishing up the restoration of our 40 year old canoe was the ability to get replacement gunwales and end caps.  The originals were basically destroyed by many years of sunlight and hard living. … Continue reading

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Building The Laminated Canoe Paddles

Hiding in this log are several 1 inch x 1/4 inch cedar strips just waiting to be crafted into a laminated bent shaft paddle.  All I needed to do was cut em out, glue em up, and slap on some … Continue reading

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