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Jetty Island Treasure Hunt

Here is a little video from today’s kayak trip. Thanks for watching.  Kat

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Blue Lake VanSlam 2015

So we’re headed off again.  This time to the annual Sun Lakes summer bash with family and friends. Our departure day was a scorcher with eastern Washington temperatures in the 100’s and a nasty layer of smoke blanketing the normally … Continue reading

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Crescent Beach

Here he is.  Duke (#danger) is five years old. We just got back from another VanSlam camping trip.  This time to Crescent Beach along the Straight of Juan de Fuca, in Washington State.  Our adventure was filled with riding waves, … Continue reading

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Deadwater Slough

The launch, if you could call it that, was so muddy that I had to poodle-scooch down the bow of the kayak to keep from squishing into the knee deep mud. And that is how my kayaking trip on Deadwater … Continue reading

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Sun Lakes VanSlam

We’re headed off again for a few days of camping and kayaking in the eastern Washington high desert area know as Sun Lakes.  Blue Lake to be exact.  Richie and his family have been visiting Laurent’s Sun Village Resort every … Continue reading

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Deadman’s Slough

Finally we had a day where the marine layer of freezing fog took pity on me and decided to fade away in mid-morning.  Perfect timing because Travis, Booker and I were going paddling.  I picked up the boys and we … Continue reading

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Winter Kayaking on Jetty Island

It was about 37 degrees, the sky was a slate grey color, and there was a thick marine layer of fog right on the deck… Yep, that sounds like kayak season to me. Bundled up in fleece and waterproofs I … Continue reading

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