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Bayview Spring Campout

We’re just back from a little overnighter at Bayview State Park, up on Padilla Bay.  The weather was fabulous for spring in the Pacific Northwest… Check that – Super Fabulous! Travis and Teresa got a new tent so they were … Continue reading

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The Deer Creek Snow Frolic

Well we’re off on another little romp in the snow today.  This time Susan and I are headed up the Mountain Loop Highway to the end of the road (the winter gate) with Travis, Teresa, Booker and Remy. Remington hiked … Continue reading

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The Christmas Fly Off

Well how about one more quick little Christmas video since the weather has been pretty crummy for motorbikes, bicycles, kayaks, hiking… all that outdoor stuff. We gathered together at my mom’s house with almost all of her great grandchildren for some … Continue reading

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“Welcome To The Party, Pal”.

We have a new grandson.  Remington Knight Katzer was born this morning.  He is a little cutie. So now do we call him Remington, or do we stick with his original name Booker and I gave him, Bat-Kat? As John … Continue reading

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A Bookcase for Baby Bat-Kat

Assignment:  Build a custom bookcase for Booker and Baby Bat-Kat’s room. Question: What’s a “Bat-Kat”? Answer:  That is the name Booker and I have given to his – soon to arrive – baby brother. Booker and I took some measurements … Continue reading

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