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Birding With Booker

For those of you who are not dialed into the world of photography, or who don’t keep up with the latest technological advancements in digital cameras, it’s possible that you would not know about “Super Zoom” cameras.  I’ll admit that … Continue reading

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Booker’s Cabinet of Curiosities

This all started with a library book.  Last week my grandson Booker showed me a very cool book he’d checked out of his library featuring page after page of great ideas on how to study, preserve, and catalog various treasures … Continue reading

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Booker and Remy’s Beds

Way back last December my daughter-in-law, Teresa, sent me a photo of a kids twin bed from some place like Pottery Barn, and asked, “Can you make two of these for Booker and Remy”?             … Continue reading

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Tool Boxes For Valentine’s Day

Well its time for another winter building project.  Just after New Years Day I had a notion that I would build a little carpenter’s tool box for each one of our 5 little dudes.  Not that they would all become … Continue reading

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Deadman’s Slough

Finally we had a day where the marine layer of freezing fog took pity on me and decided to fade away in mid-morning.  Perfect timing because Travis, Booker and I were going paddling.  I picked up the boys and we … Continue reading

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The Story Discs

A few days ago my beautiful wife Susan said something about going camping on my birthday with the Dudes… I didn’t hear most of the conversation because immediately after I heard camping and Dudes, I ran down and jumped in … Continue reading

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Forest Coffee Break

I was out for a romp in the forest today with two of my favorite hiking buddies.  Travis and Booker picked me up at noon (just after Booker got out of preschool) and we hiked out into a very foggy … Continue reading

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Ride the Duck

Right, what’s a “duck”?  Well that is one of the WWII era amphibious vehicles that have been pressed into service as Seattle tour boats/buses.  Suzie picked a beautiful sunny September afternoon and took all of her tribe for a local … Continue reading

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Robe Canyon Father’s Day Hike

We had a wonderful family hike today down into the Robe Canyon, as a Father’s Day event for me and the other dads. I thought I would slap up a few pictures for our little adventure. Richie and Travis discovered … Continue reading

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Bayview Spring Campout

We’re just back from a little overnighter at Bayview State Park, up on Padilla Bay.  The weather was fabulous for spring in the Pacific Northwest… Check that – Super Fabulous! Travis and Teresa got a new tent so they were … Continue reading

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