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The Morakniv Project

I decided it was time to try my hand at fabricating a little bushcraft knife.  So, I bought a Morakniv blank and got busy putting it all together. Left over pieces and parts from other projects made up most of … Continue reading

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Motorbike Camping

Looking up into the Cascade mountains from my back porch the night before I left for a motorbike camping trip, it still looked a little “wintery” up there… But the next couple of days promised to be sunny and warmer, … Continue reading

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Fat Wood

I spent some time today tromping around in the forest, watching red-tailed hawks and searching for some fat wood. Have a look at my little video:       That’s it for now.  Hope you liked the video.  I was … Continue reading

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Deadwater Slough

The launch, if you could call it that, was so muddy that I had to poodle-scooch down the bow of the kayak to keep from squishing into the knee deep mud. And that is how my kayaking trip on Deadwater … Continue reading

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Axe Porn

Ok, hold on there.  It’s not what you think. This story is for my friends (virtual and real life) who enjoy the study of bushcraft skills.  Or anybody that likes the idea of finding something old and broken, and then … Continue reading

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The Coffeeneuring Challenge

“Coffeeneuring” is that even a real word?  I guess to understand what this post is all about I should begin by discussing the century old sport of Randonneuring, or long distance cycling.  A typical randonee or brevet would be a 200 … Continue reading

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Forest Coffee Break

I was out for a romp in the forest today with two of my favorite hiking buddies.  Travis and Booker picked me up at noon (just after Booker got out of preschool) and we hiked out into a very foggy … Continue reading

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A Little Winter Time Bushcraft

She was looking right at me.  She was sure that there was something there, but the wind was blowing from her to me, and I had much better camouflage, so she just couldn’t figure out what that something was.  Eventually … Continue reading

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