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International Coffeeneuring – The Bonus Round

So… I’ve been having so much fun seeing all the great coffeeneuring stories and photos from around the globe that I thought I would go for another coffeeneuring adventure… A bonus round if you like. I launched from Peace Arch … Continue reading

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The Coffeeneuring Challenge

“Coffeeneuring” is that even a real word?  I guess to understand what this post is all about I should begin by discussing the century old sport of Randonneuring, or long distance cycling.  A typical randonee or brevet would be a 200 … Continue reading

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Leef Peeping VanSlam

For anyone even remotely interested in photography, the beginning of autumn in the Cascade mountains means the start of a glorious feast for the eyes.  The rich warm saturated colors, the cobalt blue skies, and the cool nights, signal its … Continue reading

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Evergreen Mountain Lookout

A beautiful fall day, 5000 feet up in the Wild Sky Wilderness.  Washington’s Cascade mountains put on a wonderful show.  Here are a few photos and a video highlight reel.                 The hike … Continue reading

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North Cascades VanSlam

So we were home for about one day and then off again.  This time headed for the North Cascades to link up with family and friends at Pearrygin State Park. On our way we drove by that massive mud slide … Continue reading

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Point Robinson Lighthouse

As darkness settled over the still waters of Puget Sound I watched and waited for the lights on the far eastern shore to come alive. Twinkling like stars in a distant galaxy, the city lights danced across the water and … Continue reading

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GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

Ok, you’ve been warned.  Stand back.  I got a new GoPro Hero camera, and I’m not afraid to use it… Well, maybe I’m just a little bit afraid. Here is my first effort: Wow, for such a tiny camera there … Continue reading

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