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Eagle Campout

We rolled out Saturday morning with Leane, Richie, and the Donovan Dudes headed up to Fir Island in search of eagles. These days my FaceBook home page is pretty much limited to just Bikes, Birds, and Ukuleles, and I had … Continue reading

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Birding With Booker

For those of you who are not dialed into the world of photography, or who don’t keep up with the latest technological advancements in digital cameras, it’s possible that you would not know about “Super Zoom” cameras.  I’ll admit that … Continue reading

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Winter At Mowich Camp

Things have been a little quiet on the Adventure Journal lately, but certainly not because we’ve been sitting on the couch all winter.  I thought I would post a few photos to give you an update on all the snowy … Continue reading

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About this time last year, my buddy Dan and I were riding the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route from south to north. After one day of sunny weather (riding the I-5 slab down to Stevenson, WA) it rained everyday… It rained … Continue reading

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Fat Wood

I spent some time today tromping around in the forest, watching red-tailed hawks and searching for some fat wood. Have a look at my little video:       That’s it for now.  Hope you liked the video.  I was … Continue reading

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Evergreen Mountain Lookout

A beautiful fall day, 5000 feet up in the Wild Sky Wilderness.  Washington’s Cascade mountains put on a wonderful show.  Here are a few photos and a video highlight reel.                 The hike … Continue reading

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GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

Ok, you’ve been warned.  Stand back.  I got a new GoPro Hero camera, and I’m not afraid to use it… Well, maybe I’m just a little bit afraid. Here is my first effort: Wow, for such a tiny camera there … Continue reading

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Big Sur VanSlam

“Well my bags are packed, I’m ready to go”…. Or so the song lyrics go. Of course I’d been packed and ready to go for days. So here is the basic idea: Suzie and I link up with Leane, Richie … Continue reading

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Forest Coffee Break

I was out for a romp in the forest today with two of my favorite hiking buddies.  Travis and Booker picked me up at noon (just after Booker got out of preschool) and we hiked out into a very foggy … Continue reading

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Winter Kayaking on Jetty Island

It was about 37 degrees, the sky was a slate grey color, and there was a thick marine layer of fog right on the deck… Yep, that sounds like kayak season to me. Bundled up in fleece and waterproofs I … Continue reading

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