Short-eared Owls

This was a fun day looking for Short-eared Owls…

Thanks for following along.  Kat

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The Dam Busters

Once again we’re headed out into the cold December waters to match wits with our old adversary… The beavers.

What fun.

Thanks for watching.  Kat

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Fir Island

Here is a fun little movie of the snow geese and swans up on Fir Island.

Hope you liked the show.  Kat

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Adventures In Iceland

Here is our Iceland video.

Hope you enjoyed the show.


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Random Wildlife Encounters

Had a nice couple of days up in the mountains.  Here are some photos and a little video…

Early morning elk, near North Bend WA

Blacktail deer, at Mowich Camp

Muskrat in the slough

Douglas squirrel

Glod Creek Pond

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Kingston’s Birthday Shootout

Leane and Suzie

Well our grandson Kingston is turning 11 years old, and for his birthday he wanted to go out and “shoot some guns”.  So we tramped up into the National Forest land where it was legal to shoot, and we were unlikely to be bothered by any other people, and set up a little shooting range.

We scheduled the shootout for a day when my son Travis could be there as well, and he brought along is “work gun”.

What Kingston didn’t know was that he was going to be presented with a brand new Savage .22 rifle if his very own!

Here is a little video from the day:

The Crew

If you liked the video you should know that my grandson Cade (12 years old) did most of the editing… With just a little help from me.  Cade did the voice over parts, applied the transitions and cutaways, and chose the background music for each section of the movie.  Well done Cadence Donovan!

And Happy birthday Kingston!  We love you to the moon and back.




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Trail Cam Theater

Having some fun with our trail camera.  Take a look:

Remy and Booker, two of my grandsons, were willing little helpers in this episode.

Thanks for watching, Kat

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